Ploutus Has Moved!

31 Mar 2014

If you've visited the site before you'll notice things have changed. Moving forward, Ploutus will no longer be a simple financial independence tool. The plans for the site have expanded to become a collection of tools aimed at helping people understand financial independence. In preparation for some of the upcoming changes, a few existing things needed to change first. Here's a short list of what's happened so far.

I've changed hosts

One of the changes already implemented is the move away from my previous host. Ploutus is now hosted on GitHub. It was a move that made sense considering GitHub provides support for everything that Ploutus needs, provides excellent uptime, and it's free. The free part means Ploutus is more likely to survive, and has the added bonus of making my own retirement come that much sooner.

Site wide optimizations

While the logic behind the original Ploutus tool (now FIRE when ready) wasn't too complicated, some of the code behind it was bulky. I've done a lot of work to reduce the size where possible, and the site should run a bit faster as it grows.

New look

You've probably noticed this one. I'm hoping you're enjoying the new look as much as I am.